What is Hovenia Dulcis?

Hovenia Dulcis, also known as Japanese raisin tree or Korean raisin tree is known for its traditional medical remedies for alcohol intoxication and hangovers. The extraction, dihydromyricetin (DHM) from the tree are effective detoxification, and its fruits are the commonly the most potent part. There are other parts of the tree which are useful as well like leaves which are brewed to make tea, and the bark makes a cure for hangovers. Japanese raisin tree is one of the longest used trees in Asian countries where it grows due to its health and medical benefit; however, the trees are as well available in another part of the world. The following discussion is important to understand more about Hovenia Dulcis.


Medical Benefits of Hovenia Dulcis

Hovenia Dulcis is known for its medical properties, and it has gained popularity all over the world, and the following are some of its medical benefits.


Remedy for Hangover

Hovenia Dulcis has an ingredient called Dihydromyricetin, which help in reducing alcohol circulating levels in the blood hence eliminating hangover. There are two enzymes in the body which are alcohol dehydrogenase (ADH), and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase (ALDH) responsible for the breakdown of alcohol and Hovenia Dulcis increases the activities of these enzymes which increases metabolic alcohol
rate reducing hangover.


Protect the Liver Damage

Intake of alcohol damages the liver is, however, an ingredient found in Hovenia Dulcis help protect these damages. The extract from this tree helps detoxify the liver while increasing the body enzymes activities in breaking down alcohol in the blood. Taking the contents of Hovenia tree is vital in eliminating the toxins induced in the liver by alcohol. Traditionally people have used the tree extracts to treating liver-related diseases. Including Hovenial Dulcis in the diet may be useful in taking care of the liver; however, this should not be a remedy in taking alcohol, and one should avoid taking alcohol for good health of the liver.


Treating Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome

Hangovers may lead to a serious medical condition known as withdrawal syndrome, which can be fatal if not treated as required. The condition is treatable with modern medications; however, the medications come with severe side effects. Dihydromyricetin, which is an ingredient found in Hovenia Dulcis, is effective in curing alcohol withdrawal syndrome with no or minimal side effects. Different studies suggest that dihydromyricetin helps to reduce the craving of alcohol and hence, it can be a key in breaking alcohol addiction.


Preventing Intoxication

When a person takes alcohol, it activates the receptors in the brains, which leads to relaxation, impaired speech and a person feel intoxicated. Research carried on mice showed that rats injected with a chemical containing a dose of alcohol; they showed effects of intoxication within a short time. However, when the same dose is injected together with Dihydromyricetin chemical, the mice showed a lower level of intoxication. This study suggests that Dihydromyricetin works to prevent the working of alcohol in activating the brain receptors hence preventing intoxication.


Treating of Hepatitis C

Hovenia Dulcis can be a better treatment of hepatitis c a disease that causes much damage to the river. A study proved that Hovenia Dulcis was effective in mice which were infected with hepatitis c as it reduces the amount of fibrosis in the liver as well as necrosis. However, it is vital for a person to contact a doctor on other safer and effective methods of treating hepatitis c.


Treating Eczema and Other Ailments

Dihydromyricetin contains another chemical known as Quercetin, and some studies show that this chemical contains antiviral as well as anti-inflammation properties. It helps in reducing the production of histamine and other allergic chemicals in the body. Quercetin is an effective treatment of ailments like Eczema, asthma, fibromyalgia, among others. Since Quercetin has inflammatory effects, people believe it is best in relieving high fever. It is also a cure for several digestive illness and conditions as it calms the stomach intestines and bladder. The chemical help to remove harmful toxins from the body and assist in reducing body swelling.


Side Effects of Hovenia Dulcis

For many years Asian countries have used Hovenia Dulcis and currently even in other parts of the world are using this tree; however, there are no proven side effects. Studies using mice have been carried out to confirm any effect, but even when taken in large amount, there are no side effects. The use of Dihydromyricetin is considered safe for human consumption; however, it decreases its efficiency when a person overuses this chemical. However, where people are taking Dihydromyricetin for the first time or less often, it is very effective.


How to Consume Hovenia Dulcis

The ingredients in Hovenia Dulcis are extracted and made into several forms like juice, candy, vinegar or capsules. Most products with Hovenia Dulci’s ingredients are available in different outlets in many parts, and a person can comfortably acquire them for use. One can also take the fruits which can be eaten raw or cooked as well as one can dry the fruits. The seeds and the leaves make a better substitute of honey and or even made in powder form. It is crucial for a person to be careful when purchasing products that contain Hovenia Dulci’s ingredients as some may not have these ingredients and may contain other chemicals that may be harmful to the body.


The above discussion proves that Hovenia Dulcis has many health benefits, mostly when dealing with a hangover and other alcohol-related effects. It is crucial for a person to seek advice from a doctor before using it, just like any other drug to avoid other body damages. One does not need to travel to Asia to enjoy the benefits of Hovenia Dulcis as this tree is currently growing to many parts, and its products are available in many markets.



Hovenia dulcis, a Korean raisin tree or Japanese raisin tree, is a hardy tree found in Asia, Eastern China (萬壽果) and Korea (헛개나무) and to the Himalayas (up to altitudes of 2,000 m), growing preferably in a sunny position on moist sandy or loamy soils.


It has been utilized in conventional Chinese, Korean, and Japanese prescriptions to treat fever, parasitic contamination, as a purgative, and a treatment of liver infections, headache treatment and as a hangover cure remedy.

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Wikipedia: Hovenia Dulcis


NCBI: A standardized extract of the fruit of Hovenia dulcis alleviated alcohol-induced hangover in healthy subjects


NCBI: Hovenia dulcis Thunb. and its active compound ampelopsin inhibit angiogenesis through suppression of VEGFR2 signaling and HIF-1α expression.

Scientific classification
H. dulcis
Binomial name
Hovenia dulcis

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